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Rotaract Canada Multidistrict Information Organization

Service from coast to coast 

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Rotaract Canada is You

Our Vision:

Together, we unite the passion and diversity of Rotaractors across Canada; through the empowerment of every member, the enrichment of every experience, and the collaboration of every perspective, we lift each other to be the most impactful leaders of this and every generation. 

Multidistrict Information Organization

Rotaract Canada is a provisional Multidistrict Information Organization for Canadian Rotaractors, by Canadian Rotaractors. MDIOs spread information about service projects and events and foster communication between districts. Each MDIO is comprised two or more Rotary districts and may represent the Rotaract clubs in a region, a country, or several countries.

MDIOs facilitate collaboration between Rotaractors and their Rotary mentors and advisors, while providing resources for member development and leadership training. They are a common structure for Rotaract district organization around the globe, supported, endorsed, and approved by Rotary International

You are what makes us, us

Rotaract Canada is founded on the belief that the single greatest resource Rotaract has is our very own Rotaractors. So who are we? We are you, working with the rest of you, so that we can each transcend every hurdle, barrier, and challenge we have ever or will ever come up against- together.

Our Executive Secretaries

Rotaract Canada will be run by an appointed Cabinet, overseen by an annually-elected General Secretary on a three-year term limit. Our Cabinet Secretaries will be Rotaractors with a proven strength for serving in leadership roles in their clubs and/or districts all across the country.

Rotaract Canada is still in its infancy, and just like any infant, it is going to take a village to raise it, and being that village with you will be our extreme privilege. Our provisional leadership is made up of three capable Rotaractors with incredibly diverse backgrounds and Rotary experiences. 

Gustavo Lopes
Deputy General Secretary
PHF, Chartering Rotaract Club Director, Interact, RYLA and Youth Exchange Alumni
Reid William Eyre
General Secretary
PHF2, Past District Rotaract Representative, Chartering Director of both a Rotaract and Rotary Passport Club
Kaitlynn Almeida
Under General Secretary
PHF, Past District Rotaract Representative, Rotaract 
Club Director

MDIOs are not a regulatory or governing bodies, nor an organization for the enforcement of zone, district, or Rotary International policies. At Rotaract Canada, we felt very strongly about our duty to uphold that directive from the very beginning. Our role is to simply guide our member districts as stewards, facilitators, and connectors.  


For that reason, our leaders are titled as Secretaries. We do not preside or govern our districts, clubs and Rotaractors across the county. Rotaract Canada leaders are here to serve our Member Districts so that they and their clubs can do the best work possible; we serve them so they can serve communities and their membership even better.


We hope you will join us in welcoming a new MDIO leadership structure, one where we truly can simply lead, not manage, where Rotaract here in Canada is provided the support and resources it needs to grow Rotary’s leaders of today and tomorrow.