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Our Programs

Together we can connect clubs across the country and share best practices to expand and advance Rotaract in Canada

Canada is a proud and diverse nation, and that pride and diversity flows throughout our Rotary Family, allowing us to serve communities with a strength and passion unparalleled by any other service club.

When you look to communities across Canada in times of need, you see the true power of that community in its collaboration. Just the same, Rotaract in Canada is one such community, and so by providing Rotary Districts and Rotaract Clubs with the tools and resources to better train and develop their leaders, we'll resolve our individual and collective needs, all while supporting more impactful projects both in our local communities and around the globe.

In true Canadian fashion, our work will not stop within the boundaries of our great nation; Rotaract Canada will also educate our Rotaractors on the boundless opportunity that exists for them within the larger Rotary Family, not only increasing our Rotaractor retention rate, but better developing Rotary's leaders of tomorrow.


An internal network to facilitate the communication and collaboration of Rotaractors across Canada, connecting us to each other better.


Working with our Districts, we can better track Rotaractors, helping them transition to new clubs when they move or age out- increasing member retention.


Comprehensive training for all of our District Rotaract 

Representatives, Club Presidents and Board Members, 

Rotarian Advisors and for all!


Looking for a promotional banner that doesn't look like it was made in the 80s? You'll find it here, in a library chuck full of fully vetted resources!


Does your club have a professional graphic designer

but could really use a good book keeper? Skills Exchange is collaboration at its finest!


How better to connect than to connect in person? Through an annual conference and events across the nation: we'll meet face to face.

Building a District Rotaract Committee

The members of a District Rotaract Committee include an equal number of Rotarians and Rotaractors with the District Rotaract Chair and District Rotaract Representative serve as it's co- chairs. This committee promotes Rotaract, encourages new clubs to form, and provides local support for clubs. The co-chairs of this committee also plan and organize a one-to-two-day leadership training seminar for all incoming Rotaract club officers, directors, and committee chairs.

The District Rotaract Representative is a Rotaractor elected by the Rotaract clubs in the district. To be eligible, a Rotaractor must complete one year as a Rotaract Club President or member of the District Rotaract Committee. If a district has only one Rotaract club, the representative is the most recent and available past Rotaract Club President, or Current President if the club is recently organized. The District Rotaract Representative co-chairs the District Rotaract Committee and is the liaison between the Rotaract clubs and the district.

(from the Rotaract Handbook (562en))

If you or your district have any questions in how best to form your first District Rotaract Committee or select your first District Rotaract Representative, reach out to Rotaract Canada's Under General Secretary who would be happy to assist!