Come as you are

Championing diversity and inclusion in Rotary — Together 

Diversity and inclusion are core values of Rotaract Canada. As an MDIO, we recognize the progress that Rotary has made in DEI just as much as we recognize there is still much work to be done. We work to empower Rotaractors and Rotaract clubs alike to continue to be the champions of diversity they already are. We work to welcome all as they are. Period. 

This summer, LGBTQ2S+ individuals and allies may once again not be able to celebrate pride in their community like we normally would. This pride season, Rotaract Canada is helping our Rotary family celebrate safely while supporting an important cause in our global community. 


Every day, LGBTQ2S+ individuals around the world face prosecution and state-enabled discrimination based on their sexuality or gender identity. These individuals are vulnerable to systemic discrimination leading to displacement in their own country or preventing them from escaping harm. Our Come As you Are campaign is here to inspire and affirm diversity in Rotary as we celebrate pride safely. With our limited-edition pride collection, proceeds from every purchase will be donated to the Rainbow Railroad, a global Canadian charity that works to get LGBTQ2S+ facing prosecution to safety. 



In Rotaract, we lend ourselves to the causes we are most passionate about, we it through sweat equity or fundraising for a partnering organization, cause or project. Clubs can join our efforts this year by making a purchase through the SwagShop, by making donation to Rainbow Railroad or by fundraising for a local LGBTQ2S+ related cause or organization of their choice. We encourage Rotaract and Rotary clubs alike to display their pride and re-affirm their commitment to inclusion and acceptance. You may find creative, COVID-safe ways to celebrate pride this summer in your own community. However you choose to participate and celebrate, share your story with us on social media with the #RotaractCanadaPride and tag us @RotaractCanada. 

Due to limitations on the platform where our SwagShop is hosted, we are unable to make our clothing items gender-neutral, we would if we could. We encourage individuals to shop in all sections of the SwagShop to find their best, most comfortable fit and gender expression.