Our Story

Lifting each other up to be the global

leaders of tomorrow – today

Rotaract Canada MDIO is an ambitious but achievable project by three very passionate Rotaractors. Our diverse Rotary backgrounds add up to broad perspectives and a collection of valuable skills and connections.

As his district's first-ever Rotaract representative and a dual Rotaract/Rotary member, Reid William Eyre, our chartering general secretary, had the opportunity to meet and hear the stories and of projects of a vast number of people with a passion for service. While serving as district Rotaract representative, he realized though each club and district had a unique set of experiences and perspectives, we all had many shared challenges. Motivated by the belief that we could all share our experiences and design solutions for our obstacles, Reid began the work for a new tool to connect clubs in isolation and better serve our members and communities. What started off as a Multidistrict Information Organization for the Great Lakes region quickly expanded into something bigger. Despite having created the marketing, acquired website domains and social media handles and gone as far as drafting constitution and bylaws for a Rotaract Great Lakes MDIO, we decided to take it further and reframe the entire project. Starting in 2020-21, nearly all of Canada will now be under zones 28 and 32 lead by one Rotary International Director, creating an excellent opportunity for a national MDIO that works closely with the zones. 


Our chartering executive secretaries with Rotary International Director Valerie Wafer

To take on this project, Rotaractors Gustavo Lopes and Kaitlynn Almeida joined Reid to form Rotaract Canada's chartering executive secretariat. As we progressed, we found support and encouragement in every level of Rotary. From day one, Valerie Wafer, Rotary International director 2020-21 for our zones, has provided great support and insight, helping us connect Rotary from coast to coast. Since her official announcement of the project in the fall of 2019, we have been working closely with district Rotaract representatives, district governors, Rotaractors and Rotarians from every corner of the country, hearing their ideas and we even helped a district appoint their first Rotaract committee and representative along the way. 


With all that unravelled support and collaboration, we received recognition from Rotary International on May 13, 2020 with six trailblazing chartering member districts out of the 12 eligible at the time: 5050, 5360, 5370, 7010, 7070, 7810. Currently, Rotaract Canada's growing team now continues to work hard to grow our family and provide Rotaractors across the region with the resources they need the most.