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Our Story

Lifting each other up to be the global

leaders of tomorrow– today.

Our Roots

Rotaract Canada MDIO is an ambitious but achievable project by three very passionate Rotaractors, with diverse Rotary backgrounds that add up to broad perspective and a collection of valuable skills and connections.

As a chartering director of both a Rotaract and a Rotary Club, and his district's first ever District Rotaract Representative, Provisional General Secretary Reid William Eyre had the opportunity to meet and hear the stories and of projects of a great number of people with a passion for service. In conversation with thousands of Rotaractors and Rotarians, the immense diversity in Rotary was apparent very early on. Later, while serving as District Rotaract Representative, he realized something not so immediately obvious: although each club and district had their different ways of approaching things, we all had many shared challenges.

Motivated by the belief that collectively, we could all share our experiences and design solutions for our individual and collective challenges, Reid began the work for a new MDIO in his region: a tool to connect clubs in isolation, exchange ideas, and take action to better serve our members and our communities. It started off as Rotaract Great Lakes, with hopes of connecting the dozens of districts and the three Rotary International Zones bordering the Great Lakes. But as we started building this MDIO, drafting a constitution and bylaws, creating logos, acquiring website domains and social media handles, it became evident that a Canadian national MDIO serving all Canadian and binational Canada-US districts was a much more viable and beneficial solution for our clubs. In consideration that effective July 1, 2020, all of Canada would be under two paired zones, lead by one Rotary International Director, it truly was the perfect opportunity for a Canadian MDIO, and so Rotaract Canada was born.


To take on this project, our now Provisional Deputy General Secretary Gustavo Lopes and Under General Secretary Kaitlynn Almeida came on board. Collectively, our leadership’s resumé includes RYLA, Interact, and Youth Exchange Alumni, Past District Rotaract Representatives, a Dual Rotaractor / Rotarian, all Past Presidents, Chartering Directors of Rotaract Clubs, a Chartering Director of a Rotary Passport Club, and all Paul Harris Fellows. Our diversity and breadth of knowledge is our strength- as it will be Rotaract Canada’s.

Knowing that to accomplish our ambitious goals we would need support from every level of Rotary, we reached out to Rotary International Director Elect Valerie Wafer seeking her insight and endorsement. We are honoured to say she was thrilled to work with us in this fruitful partnership, and continues to be a great resource for us today.


Over a year after we began scoping Rotaract Canada (then Rotaract Great Lakes), we were proud to finally share our project with the world by going live with our website and social media in November 2019. Now, we are inviting districts to come make history with us and become chartering members of the Rotaract Canada MDIO on July 1, 2020.