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Executive Secretaries

Rotaract Canada is lead by a diverse team of leading Rotaractors who bring experience and expertise to the table. Our general secretary is elected annually by member districts on a three-year term limit. The general secretary appoints a cabinet of Rotaractors with proven leadership strength to carry out our regular organizational activities and lead committees. Our team is dedicated to helping our members connect and take action to create sustainable change. 

MDIOs are not a regulatory or governing bodies, nor an organization for the enforcement of zone, district, or Rotary International policies. At Rotaract Canada, we felt very strongly about our duty to uphold that directive from the very beginning. Our role is to simply guide our member districts as stewards, facilitators, and connectors.  


For that reason, our leaders are titled secretaries, as we do not preside or govern our districts, clubs or Rotaractors. Rotaract Canada's leaders are here to serve our member districts so that they and their clubs can do the best work possible; we serve them so they can serve communities and their membership even better.

General Secretary
The general secretary is ultimately responsible for all activities of the organization, steering it through the goals of our strategic plan and protecting the integrity of the organization while ensuring its value and longevity for generations to come.
Reid William Eyre
PHF+3, past district Rotaract representative, chartering director of both Rotaract and Rotary Passport clubs

Farm grown and freshly replanted to the city, Reid knows the value of boots on (or in) the ground. After serving as a public image intern at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, he came home to soon become a chartering director of both a Rotaract and a Rotary Passport club, making new ventures a bit of a hobby. Reid went on to serve as district Rotaract representative in District 6330, before setting his sights on tackling the issues on a larger scale. Reid fills his spare time as a Canadian Red Cross emergency response team responder. His goal? Save the world – the whole damn thing, yesterday.

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Deputy General Secretary
The deputy general secretary serves as the speaker of the Cabinet, guiding the cabinet secretaries and ensuring their voices are heard at the Executive Office. Additionally, they represent and speak for the General Secretary in their absence and as authorized.
Gus Lopes
PHF, chartering Rotaract club director, Interact, RYLA and Youth Exchange alumni

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil as the son of two very active Rotarians (who made family vacations out of RI conventions every year), Gus was brought up in the Rotary family and feels very fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in every major Rotary International youth program there is. Having experienced first-hand the value of Rotaract MDIOs abroad, his vision and inspiration is to be able to strengthen, solidify and expand Rotaract in Canada, so that clubs and their members can reach their full potential in service, professional and personal development. 

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Under General Secretary
The under general secretary serves as the speaker of the Body of Representatives, acting as their voice within the Executive Office. They guide the district Rotaract representatives to appropriate resources as necessary, and oversees all collaborative activities.
Kaitlynn Almeida
PHF, past district Rotaract representative, Rotaract club director

Energetic and visionary, Kaitlynn is passionate about doing good, no matter the setting. With a background in public health, she works to improve healthcare systems daily and is enthusiastic about learning from one another no matter the distance. Kaitlynn is born and raised Canadian, having served as president of two Rotaract clubs, grown initiatives to new heights as District 7040's district Rotaract representative, led events and sessions for Rotaract International pre-conventions. With a variety of experiences and service projects under her (metaphorical) belt, she is excited about the opportunity to connect Rotaract communities and continue to do good — even better, and together.

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