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The future is calling: Rotaract Canada is on line one! Here at Rotaract Canada, we believe a national MDIO is not only the future of a strong Rotaract and Rotary, but also a great leadership opportunity for bright and bold Rotaractors across the country. We are looking for local leaders to join our cabinet and help shape the future of this promising new organization, as well as the future of Rotaract itself. 

Rotaract Canada is currently offering a number of positions for visionary Rotaractors to serve and support clubs across the country so we can all achieve more, together! Rotaractors in member districts are encouraged to apply. Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis, you can see which positions are still available below. 

Office of the Under General Secretary

Lead by Under General Secretary Kaitlynn Almeida

The Office of the Under General Secretary works to enhance collaboration between districts, engage and inspire Rotaractors and Rotarians, and promote Rotaract and Rotary across the region. This office is responsible for leading the MDIO by sharing important and inspiring communications, building a forum to foster cross-district problem solving, and advocating for each district to ensure their voice is heard in the MDIO's operations.

Office of Internal Operations

Lead by Cabinet Secretary Yvone Joubert

The Office of Internal Operations supports the Executive Office in managing the day-to-day operations of Rotaract Canada MDIO. This office is responsible for the health of the organization through the development and ethical maintenance of a treasury, as well as overseeing record-keeping, organization-owned technology, our human resources, and other administrative tasks as deemed necessary or convenient.

Office of Communications

Lead by Cabinet Secretary Denisa Pais 


The Office of Communications will be responsible for the image, promotion and relationship building of our organization within the Rotary world and to the general public. The office will oversee the distribution of materials created by Rotaract Canada to ensure quality and consistency, and also provide support and resources to further the visibility and awareness of Rotaract and Rotary in our region through standardized promotional materials and strategic communications.

Office of Leadership Development

Lead by Cabinet Secretary Amy Gill


The Office of Leadership Development will collect and evaluate best practices for the training of Rotaract club and district officers. The office will design training resources and materials for distribution, as well as advise Rotaract Canada member districts on these matters where appropriate.

Office of Membership Engagement

Lead by Cabinet Secretary Ryan Harrison


The Office of Membership Engagement will create and educate Rotaractors on opportunities within the Rotary family to ensure a positive and beneficial environment for all participants in club, district, national, and international activities. They may also create resources on how to create thriving Rotaract clubs, and advise Rotaract Canada member districts where appropriate.

Collaboration and open communication are at the core of our MDIO. You don't have to have an official position or even be part of a member district to collaborate. We welcome feedback and suggestions from any point. Any member of the Rotary family within the districts at least partly located in Canada is welcome to join the discussion and brainstorming on the Rotaract Canada ThinkTank Facebook group. There, you can connect with members, share ideas, network, ask for help, partner for projects and much more. Join the group here


Alternatively, anyone can send us with feedback or suggestions anytime by emailing at ideas@rotaractcanada.org.

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