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Make History With Us

Our nation, our moment, our movement, our MDIO

Rotaract Canada is not just setting out to provide Rotaractors with the best resources and support they have ever seen- it’s about changing our entire approach to Rotaract; combating the pandemic state of isolation that many Rotaract Clubs feel here in Canada. It’s about giving every Rotaractor the opportunity to feel the empowerment that comes with being a part of the Rotary Family, and ensuring that we are the most impactful generation- every generation.


Rotaract Canada is scouring the nation and the globe for the best practices and areas of opportunity for Rotaract and then creating comprehensive, flexible, and engaging resources for all Member Districts. From building a new club to providing inspiring and applicable training for club and district leadership- Rotaract Canada is going to be there to provide support every step of the way.


We believe Canada can be at the forefront of elevating Rotaract, but we cannot do it alone. If you relate to our vision– a vision of lifting each other up to be better independently, together– we’d love to have you.


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