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Rotaract Canada is a grassroots movement to give every Rotaractor in our region the opportunity to feel the empowerment that comes with being a part of the Rotary family. Of the 20 Rotary International districts within Canada, 13 of them expand beyond national borders. Despite the name, Rotaract Canada MDIO is not exclusive to Canadian clubs, we also welcome the American and French clubs to contribute with their perspectives and profit from our shared resources. 


We believe Canada can be at the forefront of advancing Rotaract, but we cannot do it alone. If you relate to our vision of lifting each other up to be better independently, together, we'd love to have you.

To join Rotaract Canada, districts must:

  • Have a district Rotaract representative reported to Rotary International

  • Have at least one active Rotaract club in good standing

  • Obtain written approval from the district governor

  • Obtain written approval from the current district Rotaract representative

  • Be a Rotary International district with at least partial geographic area in Canada


Once a member in Rotaract Canada, districts:

  • Gain full access to the array of services offered

  • Enable Rotaractors to engage in the MDIO's leadership and administration

  • Contribute to the ongoing development of Rotaract Canada through their district Rotaract representative's regular contact with leadership

  • Vote on proposals brought before the body of representatives (the membership)

The application period for chartering member districts ended on March 1. From here, we will be proceeding to receive recognition from Rotary International and incorporating. If your district missed the charter, don't worry, email us at for more information on becoming a member district. 

Rotaractors in chartering member districts will be eligible to apply to be part of the very first cabinet and take the opportunity to become a national Rotaract leader, shaping the future of our MDIO and of Rotaract in our region. For more information on available cabinet positions, click here

Collaboration and open communication are at the core of our MDIO. You don't have to have an official position or even be part of a member district to collaborate. We welcome feedback and suggestions from any point. Any member of the Rotary family within the districts at least partly located in Canada is welcome to join the discussion and brainstorming on the Rotaract Canada ThinkTank Facebook group. There, you can connect with members, share ideas, network, ask for help, partner for projects and much more. Join the group here. Alternatively, anyone can send us with feedback or suggestions anytime by emailing at

Rotaract Canada is committed to our core values of diversity, bilingualism and inclusion. Our goal is to get to a point where we can provide the same resources and services to Rotaractors in both francophone and anglophone communities. Currently, due to the limitations of our team of volunteers, we can only offer services in English. We are working on having our website fully bilingual by July 1, 2020. From there we hope to start working on translating existing and future documents, reference guides, promotional materials and other resources. Bilingual Rotaractors with translation abilities and or qualifications who are willing to volunteer their time can contact us at 

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