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Rotaract Canada Multidistrict Information Organization

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Invest in the Future of Rotaract

Donating to Rotaract Canada is ensuring the longevity of Rotary for generations to come, so that our service may continue as well.

How MDIOs are Funded


While Rotaract Multidistrict Information Organizations are fully supported and endorsed by Rotary International, MDIOs are funded solely on voluntary contributions that can come from the member districts themselves, from Rotaract or Rotary clubs, or from individuals. No matter where they come from, though, they represent someone who believes in us, in Rotaract, and in the future of Rotary through Rotaract.

Here at Rotaract Canada, we take our donations to heart, thanking donors publicly through social media, as well as through our currently developing Name in Northern Lights program, which displays our donors both online and at every Rotaract Canada event.

Where Your Contributions Go


Rotaract Canada, like every organization, has overhead costs. Ours are comparable to that of a small Rotary club. Every dollar above that is a direct investment into the programs we offer our member districts: providing better training, sharing promotional resources, educating Rotaractors on Rotary programs and ultimately increasing the retention of Rotaractors within the Rotary family.

How to Contribute


Contributions can be made in one of two ways, either via Interac auto-depositing e-transfer to elevate@rotaractcanada.org, or via cheque sent by mail to:

Rotaract Canada, 180 John St, Toronto, Ont.  M5T1X5


Your contribution means the world to us, and should you have any questions at all we encourage you to reach out to us at info@rotaractcanada.org where someone will get back to you right away.