Invest in the Future of Rotaract

Donating to Rotaract Canada is ensuring the longevity of Rotary for generations to come, so that our service may continue as well.

The Rotaract Canada Patron Program


Rotaract Canada deeply appreciates and understands the significance of your contribution, and we want others to know too. To ensure that our donors receive the appreciation and recognition they deserve, we created the Rotaract Canada Patron Program, a tiered approach to donor recognition. Donors are appropriately recognized and celebrated at each recognition level across a variety of mediums. We could never thank you enough for your trust in our vision to improve and grow Rotaract and Rotary, so these tokens of appreciation are the least we can do.

Your Donation

Makes a Difference


Rotaract Canada strives to keep our expenses as low as possible while still striving to deliver services at a quality that makes MDIO membership a clear value to districts and to Rotaractors. One of our largest expenses are those associated with being a registered not-for-profit corporation in Canada, which in turn not only provides us with services and extensive discounts which pay for those costs several times over. It also lays the groundwork for future grant applications, and perhaps one day a national-level charitable foundation available to all Rotaract clubs in Canada.



How MDIOs are Funded

Rotaract multidistrict information organizations rely solely on the voluntary contributions of zones, districts, clubs, and individuals in order to deliver our array of services. While Rotary International fully recognizes, endorses, and approves of each MDIO, there is no access to funding guaranteed or offered by Rotary International. Instead, we rely on others to see the potential of MDIOs and through them invest in the future of Rotaract.

Donating to Rotaract Canada


Our donor tiers are named after many of the great landmarks that are found across the Rotaract Canada region. Their natural strength, beauty, and magnificence are a strong semblance to our donors and to that which Rotaract Canada strives to represent. Starting at just $100.00 CAD, Rotaract Canada tracks your contributions and recognizes you based on your current donor level.


Rotaract Canada is equipped to accept donations via Interact e-transfer, and via cheque by mail to our virtual office in Toronto. To speak with someone about making a donation, reach out to

View and download our full Donor Guide


The Rotaract Canada Patron Program Donor Guide offers deeper insight into every aspect of donations made to Rotaract Canada, including tiers, in-kind donations, and more.


View and download the Rotaract Canada Patron Program Donor Guide by clicking the link above or the icon to the left.


Our Chartering Sponsors

Our chartering sponsors made history as some of the first ones to believe in the ambitious project that is Rotaract Canada. They provided us with seed money that allowed us to get started and got us to where we are. We are proud to honour that history with our service and recognition

Rotary Club of London South
London, Ont. | District 6330

Rotary Club of Huntsville
Huntsville, Ont. | District 7010

Anonymous Rotarian
Location & District Anonymous

Rotary Club of Walkerton
Walkerton, Ont. | District 6330

Rotary District 6330
Southwestern Ontario

Rotary Club of District 6330 Passport
District 6330

Rotary Club of St. Thomas
St. Thomas, Ont. | District 6330