Rotaract Canada

Community Service Corps

Help out where you can, when you can

We understand how sometimes, with our busy, fast-paced lives, joining a Rotaract or Rotary club can seem like a big commitment. Many individuals, however, still find themselves wanting to contribute to the betterment of their communities. The Rotaract Canada Community Service Corps is for those who want to help, grow, and give back, but may not feel like they can commit to becoming a member of the Rotary family just yet, or maybe they just simply want to help!

Rotaract Canada Community Service Corps is a flexible team of individuals who want to work in partnership with Rotaract Canada Multidistrict Information Organization, Rotaract and Rotary clubs, both in their home communities and across the region to improve their communities. Whether it's providing extra helping hands for special events, organizing a community clean up, or performing tasks virtually. The members bring enthusiasm, creativity, and sustainability to the projects they help implement. 

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Program Eligibility

To be considered for membership into the Rotaract Canada Community Service Corps, an individual must:


  • Be at least 18 years of age or older;

  • Share Rotary's commitment to service but not be a Rotaractor or Rotarian of any membership type; 

  • Be open-minded, willing and able to work with volunteers from all walks of life;


  • Participate in a Community Service Corps project at least twice annually; 

  • Check in monthly with their team leader;


  • Reside within Canada or within any of the Rotary International districts with geography between the United States and Canada.


Community Service Corps Benefits

The opportunities and benefits that come with being a member of the Rotaract Canada Community Service Corps are boundless. Participating volunteers will find a number of engaging opportunities to serve locally and remotely. They will be able to connect, network and share ideas with like-minded people in your area and across the nation. Participants will also receive a reference letter from your team leader acknowledging your service to humanity and the projects you engaged in. 

For Rotaract and Rotary clubs, the Community Service Corps program will provide them with the opportunity  to reach skilled and enthusiastic volunteers to help them bring their most ambitious projects into reality. Connecting clubs with volunteers means building stronger relationships between clubs and their communities while raising awareness about Rotary, its values and its impact. 

All volunteer placements are facilitated in a way to respect social distancing and other health and safety precautions established by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

For questions regarding the Rotaract Canada Community Service Corps program, please email