Rotaract Club Census

 Make your voice heard and help the MDIO and districts make data-driven decisions for growing and improving Rotaract

Rotaract Canada believes that data is the cornerstone of strategic decision-making is data. While Rotary International collects some data on Rotaractors and Rotaract clubs, this information is far from complete; these gaps in reliable information make it challenging to make informed decisions regarding Rotaract. This challenge is one that Rotaract and Rotary clubs face, as do districts, zones, and so on.

The Rotaract Canada Rotaract Club Census is for all Rotaract clubs across our region, meaning any club which resides in one of the twenty districts with Canadian geography, regardless of whether they are an American or Canadian club. Each club is asked to have one representative, knowledgable in club operations and membership complete the census. Arming our Rotaract leaders with this data is certain to change our approach to Rotaract, and ultimately, grow the Rotary family now and for generations to come.

The club census form has been updated to reflect feedback received from districts and Rotaractors. The survey will remain open to collect additional responses from Monday, January 11 until February 8, 11:59 p.m. ET. 

The Rotaract Canada Rotaract Club Census is secure and anonymous. While identifying information is asked for, this is only to verify that one submission per club is received. It will be immediately coded and unavailable not only to clubs and districts, but also within Rotaract Canada MDIO. We encourage clubs to be forthcoming in their responses so that everyone can best position themselves to take action based on the findings.

Questions about the census can be directed to our Special Envoy for Operational Excellence John Le at


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