Annual General Meeting

Reflecting on the past, planning for the future

APRIL 24, 2021 | 12:00 P.M. ET

Once a year, representatives from each member district gather to reflect on what we have accomplished so far, plan for the future, and elect our leadership for the year ahead. A mix of organizational stewardship and celebration, it is the most consequential Rotaract Canada meeting of the year. The decisions we make today will lead us into tomorrow. 

Whether it's an evolution in policy or an evolution in leadership it is critical that we do so with as much information as possible. The Rotaract Canada Secretariat strongly recommends that all members review the above guide prior to the Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting will be conducted in English and due to limited resources, simultaneous interpretation into French or ASL will not be available. Every effort will be made to provide documentation in both official languages.

Why our bylaws matter

Rotaract Canada's bylaws are an agreed-upon set of standards for all within the organization to hold themselves accountable to. They ensure that the actions taken by Rotaract Canada align with the values of our stakeholders, as well as with Canadian law. Due to their duty of governing both the MDIO and the corporation as one, they are more comprehensive than many other's you'll find in the MDIO community, but they make us stronger as a result.

Districts providing input on our bylaws is critical for ensuring that we as an organization stay aligned with the values of our members, as well as current with Rotary International policy, vision, and strategic plan.

Determining our leadership

Perhaps the most important task undertaken by the member districts at the Annual General Meeting is the election of their leaders for the coming Rotary year. The passion and expertise of those elected will influence the impact of the organization for months or years to come. Rotaract Canada is in its infancy, and like any infant, it requires tireless attention. But the work of leading it can be incredibly rewarding, too, providing a trial-by-fire professional development experience. 

Nominations for the Executive Office ran from March 7 though 21 inclusive, and have now closed. One candidate for each position has been nominated, and in accordance with the Rotaract Canada Bylaws, will run against a vote of no confidence so that acclamation does not occur. Candidate profiles can be found below.


Applications for additional leadership positions within the secretariat for the 2021-22 Rotary year will be posted after the executive election and confirmation process. 

General Secretary
The general secretary is ultimately responsible for all activities of the organization, steering it through the goals of our strategic plan and protecting the integrity of the organization while ensuring its value and longevity for generations to come.
Reid William Eyre

Born and raised in rural Ontario, Reid’s family made great effort to interest him in the family farm— to no avail. Preferring to wade into the metaphorical muck that is challenging and changing traditions and attitudes, Reid has made a name for himself as a “shift disturber”, an apt description he personally favours. Reid approaches things differently, and emboldens others to do the same. Approaching all challenges from a design thinking perspective rooted in empathy, he works to ensure we “build the right ‘it,’  not just build ‘it’ right.” 


While he had already been informally involved with Rotary, Reid joined Rotaract in 2017 when he chartered a Rotaract club near his hometown. He became club president, then went on to become his district’s first-ever district Rotaract representative, where he served for two consecutive Rotary years. Identifying the need for better inter-district communication and collaboration, Reid set his sights on finding a solution. That solution would eventually become Rotaract Canada MDIO.


Finding that his title of Rotaractor sometimes came with limitations in Rotary, he eventually worked with a long-time mentor to charter a district Rotary passport club, and then later a global Rotary passport club which better suited his nomad lifestyle. Reid has subsequently been a dual Rotaractor/Rotarian for several years. He is currently the president-nominee for Rotary Global Passport, where he will serve as president in the 2022-23 Rotary year. He is thrilled that his Rotary presidency will coincide with the Rotary International presidency of fellow Canadian Jennifer Jones.


Over the years, he has been presented with two Paul Harris Fellows and has made contributions for an additional three. He is a member of the Paul Harris Society and was a strong advocate for the addition of a Rotaractor to The Rotary Foundation Canada Board of Directors. Reid was selected to attend the 2020 Rotary International Assembly in San Diego, and later as an original member of the Rotary Innovative Club Advocate team. 


Outside of the world of Rotary, Reid works in emergency and disaster management operations for the Canadian Red Cross. Through his work, Reid deploys nation-wide to respond to man-made and natural disasters alike. He hopes to one day complete a Masters degree and transition from domestic disaster response to international humanitarian operations.


Reid believes that we are better together, contributing as our authentic selves in all of our glorious diversity. That belief is the foundation of Rotaract Canada, and is why Reid will continue to advocate for innovative and inclusive approaches both inside and outside the Rotary world.

Deputy General Secretary
The deputy general secretary serves as the speaker of the Cabinet, guiding the cabinet secretaries and ensuring their voices are heard at the Executive Office. Additionally, they represent and speak for the General Secretary in their absence and as authorized.
Yvone Joubert

Originating from Cape Town, South Africa, Yvone immigrated to Canada at a young age and found in Rotary an opportunity to give back to her new community. Yvone joined Interact in 2009, and while her intention was to meet new people who shared her passion for leaving the world a better place, she discovered her passion for challenging the way things have always been done and breaking down the barriers that are preventing the growth of young leaders in Rotary within her district. In 2014, Yvone was an Interact voice on the district conference planning committee and was recognized with a Paul Harris Fellow for her contribution in what resulted as the largest Interact and Rotaract participation in her district’s annual district conference.

She is a RYLA alumni, has served her district as the chair for the Rotary Youth Program of ENrichment (RYPEN) camp, and has had the opportunity to represent her district at international RYLA programs, zone institutes in both Montreal and Winnipeg, and the Rotary International Assembly in 2019. 


Outside of Rotary, Yvone is a recent Bachelor of Commerce, management graduate; she discovered her passion for entrepreneurship and breaking the status quo when she represented her university at the European Innovation Academy in Portugal, where she created a startup company, from ideation to launch in 21 days. Yvone is an alumni of Enactus Canada; a global non-profit dedicated to creating a better, more sustainable world while developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators. Yvone regularly attends and participates as an alumni judge for regional and national case competitions where she gets to provide insight and feedback to current Enactus students in both their local projects and startup company ideas to aid in their success. 


Today, Yvone is a proud Rotaractor from the Rotaract Club of MacEwan University, she serves as the secretary of internal operations for Rotaract Canada. She is a member of her district’s peace builder committee, District 5370 Rotaract chair, and recently started the district Rotaract committee which she co-chair's with the District 5370 DRR. Yvone uses her voice and platform to actively learn more about the needs and challenges of Rotaractors within her district and works with members of the district Rotaract committee and the District 5370 Board to understand and bridge the gap between Interact, Rotaract, and Rotary while advocating for what we can do to truly elevate Rotaract and better support and retain membership of Rotaract leaders and their clubs. 

Under General Secretary
The under general secretary serves as the speaker of the Body of Representatives, acting as their voice within the Executive Office. They guide the district Rotaract representatives to appropriate resources as necessary, and oversees all collaborative activities.
Kaitlynn Almeida

Energetic and visionary, Kaitlynn Almeida is passionate about doing good and fostering togetherness. She is a co-founder of the Rotaract Canada Multidistrict Information Organization where she serves as under general secretary, focused on connecting Rotaractors across the region to create positive change together. Kaitlynn first became involved with Rotaract in 2011 when she joined the Queen's University Rotaract Club, and began to develop strong friendships and experience the magic of Rotary. Over the years, she has served as co-president of two Rotaract clubs in two different districts, been co-district Rotaract representative for District 7040, and has gotten involved in other club and district committees along the way. Due to her varying and extensive community involvement both within and outside of the Rotary family, Kaitlynn was recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow in 2015. She has continued to immerse herself in the Rotary family in District 7070 as part of the 2018 Rotary International Convention Rotaract Host Organizing Committee, and has co-facilitated breakout sessions at the 2019 Rotaract Preconvention in Hamburg and Rotaract Canada’s inaugural conference, FORWARD, in 2021. Kaitlynn is currently a part of District 7070’s Leadership Development Committee as well as the 2022-23 District Conference Committee. Recognizing the impacts that the pandemic has had on a sense of connectedness, Kaitlynn implemented multiple initiatives within the Rotaract Club of Toronto to foster fellowship amongst members, with the most notable being the creation of the club’s Wine & Wine Not Fellowship, which has been thriving. 


In terms of career, Kaitlynn is a Toronto-based public health professional who works to improve the healthcare system for Ontarians, with a focus on support for the cancer system and COVID-19 testing. A believer in what we can achieve when we work together, she is excited about what the upcoming year has in store!