About Rotaract Canada 

Our Vision:

Together, we unite the passion and diversity of Rotaractors across Canada; through the empowerment of every member, the enrichment of every experience, and the collaboration of every perspective, we lift each other to be the most impactful leaders of this and every generation. 

Rotaract Canada is a Multidistrict Information Organization for Canadian Rotaractors, by Canadian Rotaractors. MDIOs spread information about service projects and events and foster communication between districts. Each MDIO is comprised two or more Rotary districts and may represent the Rotaract clubs in a region, a country, or several countries.

MDIOs facilitate collaboration between Rotaractors and their Rotary mentors and advisors, while providing resources for member development and leadership training. They are a common structure for Rotaract district organization around the globe, supported, endorsed, and approved by Rotary International.

You are what makes us, us

Rotaract Canada is founded on the belief that the single greatest resource Rotaract has is our very own Rotaractors. So who are we? We are you, working with the rest of you, so that we can each transcend every hurdle, barrier, and challenge we have ever or will ever come up against – together.

Our Member Districts


While Rotaract Canada serves each club and Rotaractor within our purview, officially the members of a Multidistrict Information Organization are the districts themselves as opposed to individual clubs or Rotaractors.

Rotaract Canada MDIO was first chartered with six Rotary International Districts: 5050, 5360, 5370, 7010, 7070 and 7810. Since then, our MDIO family continues to grow. Our member districts span from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory on the west to east of Moncton, New Brunswick; and from Iqaluit, Nunavut in the north to Olean, New York in the south.

Meet Rotaract Canada's current member districts: 

District 5040 

Part of British Columbia, Canada

District Rotaract representative: Sarah Kornder / Josh Juni

District 5050

Parts of British Columbia, Canada and parts of Washington, United States

District Rotaract representative: Jaymee Lynn / William Hager

District 5360

Parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada

District Rotaract representative: Taylor Fulton

District 5370

Parts of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and Yukon Territories, Canada

District Rotaract representative: Ciorstaidh Reid

District 7010

Parts of Ontario and Quebec, Canada

District Rotaract representative: Valerie Edmunds

District 7040

Parts of Ontario, Nunavut, and Quebec, Canada and part of New York, United States

District Rotaract representative: Katlin Massie / Heather Taylor

District 7070

Part of Ontario, Canada 

District Rotaract representative: Katherine Kirkpatrick-Wahl

District 7090

Parts of Ontario, Canada and parts of New York, United States

District Rotaract representative: Rebecca Balyk

District 7810

Part of New Brunswick and Quebec, Canada and part of Maine, United States

District Rotaract representative: Katie Ritchie

Applications for membership into the MDIO are accepted on a rolling basis, and are submitted for consideration to Rotary International quarterly, typically 4-6 weeks in advance of the next Rotary International Board Meeting. If your district is interested in becoming a member district, reach out to us via email at join@rotaractcanada.org and someone from the Office of the under general secretary will be in touch with you shortly. You can learn more about membership eligibility and benefits here.


Red Wall & Stairs

Our Structure

Rotaract Multidistrict Information Organizations do not preside over member districts as presidents do over their clubs. Instead, the leadership serves as stewards of the organization, as guides and facilitators of best practices, services, and resources. At Rotaract Canada, we take that to heart, and so our entire leadership structure are titled as "secretaries," as a symbol and reminder of our purpose: to serve our member districts and guide them towards the excellence we already know they can achieve.

The Executive Office

The Executive Office is composed of the general secretary, the deputy general secretary and the under general secretary. Together they lead Rotaract Canada into empowering Rotaractors with the tools for them to grow themselves and their communities. 

Read more about the Executive Office and auxiliary roles here.


The Cabinet and Committees

Rotaract Canada's Cabinet is composed of appointed cabinet secretaries who are each responsible for a different area of the organization, and additionally advise the Executive Office on the overall operations of the MDIO through the deputy general secretary in their capacity as speaker of the Cabinet. Committees are appointed by and serve under the offices of their respective Cabinet secretary. 

Currently, we have a variety of opportunities to serve and support the growth of Rotaract in one of our MDIO's committees. Learn more and apply here


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